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Hey everyone…Once again because of the luck of time reading the given articles at 8 a.m. and trying to respond!

Two articles that i’ve read recently made impact on. But it is not mean that i agree with every single word  of the author.

Authors of articles Blogs, Tweets, Social Media, and the News Business and “What is Journalism’s Place in Social Media? Robert G. Picard and Geneva Overholser  worry that social media that is very popular among people can replace the real media. It is funny that authors are criticize the social websites that then but the links on facebook and twitter.

I totally agree with Picard’s opinion that social media very useful not only for users but also for mainstreams. Journalists can communicate with their readers, post the news and get the feedback from them. Social medias, and different types of blogs make huge opportunity for readers to feel themselves in the shoes of journalists by writing the news and puting the pictures. It is also recalls example Overholser. How she was at the plane and knew from some women about death of Michael Jackson when LAtimes already keep the news that MJ is in comma.

In other case the real media cannot complain, they also find way of how to be heard. No one media giant who do not launched their electronic versions. It means that if you fan of BBC and watching it everyday, but then you moved to Japan it is not problem. Just switch on your computer and watch the news from the official site of BBC or go to Twitter or facebook. The same thing about other channels.

But if to be serous about, can social media replace the real media? Answer could be unstable. Because killing development speed of social media and internet can be everything in the future. In this case i have one opinion only. Journalists should be more creative and make their job better and better.


Social media conquering us

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Hey everyone! Today i would like to talk to about social media that is vital in our lives.

By the way have you ever thought why social media take a huge amount of our time and attention?

One day Abraham Maslow suggested the idea of Hierarchy of needs. As we know in this theory Maslow gather the several sources that can satisfy human needs and motivate them work better and better.

I think Maslow’s theory can answer to given question. People simply seek for communication. If people feel themselves happy or sad they go to internet in order to share with those feelings. If people making business they also patially rely on social media.

What is for me…I am a huge fan of different types of social media. All those websites such as Facebook, twitter, vkontakte or make life better. As for me i started discovery of this sites at 17 (not so far), my first account i created in Even now, my initial e-mail address on this website. Later i have known about vkontakte, that became favorite. I like the way how it looks, smart but simple. Communicating with friends, watching new videos, commenting the pictures and leaving the message on the walls of the friends. Later i have known about facebook and immediately logged in. Now number of fiends, especially foreign friends are increasing. Finally i have found the Twitter. I want to say, I love it. I have heard so many things about twitter and when i got the  opportunity to create an account i  did it. Now i’m writing the comments, communicating with friends, posting the pictures and follow the celebrities. It is exiting.

I also want emphasize the importance of social media in different spheres of our life. Majority of news are being heard by social media. Many big brands and corporations create an account in those social media in order to post the latest news about their company, announce the news about discounts or new branches of their firm. May be this is funny but so many love couples find each other through social media. And some of them happy through years.

Of course, there are several things that can negatively influence on us, but in general Social media is one of the best discoveries that make our planet interesting, easier and much wider!

Major argument in Network Logic

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Hey everyone! Today me and my friend Olga was assigned to read, discuss and write major argument that we found from reading Ch.1 of Network Logic.

Since it was a  intraductory part author tried to come up with general idea of what is network logic and what benegits it has in the modern world. We realized that they talked about two different types of networks. Firs of them is Social network, all about networks that connect people, improve their relationships or in contrary make them worse. Second is telecommunicational networks. It is more about technological development that started to take place last two decades. Example of it computers, mobile phones, internet etc.

Later, at this chapter authors isentified several spheres where network logic becomes irreplaceable thing.

According to McCarthy, Miller and Skidmore divided implications to…

  • Communication
  • Transperancy
  • knowledge
  • innovation
  • regulation
  • accountability
  • ownership
  • citizenship
  • power

As authors defined, nowadays all of those aspects cannot exist without networks. Major aspect is communication. Whether it social network or telecommunicational it is connecting people and helps to regulate relationships between them. Nowadays if something happens in the world no matter how far you live with one click on the mouth of your computer will open all the secrets, it is transperancy. Innovations, computers, internet make our life better and interesting. Moreover network logic irresistable part in accountability, citizenship and ownership.

From this chapter we can totally understand what important role networks plays in our life

The rules of Participation

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Hallo friends,it’s me,again…

Today i am going to tell you a little bit about my experience and feelings resulted from reading “We Media” book and chapter 4, The rules of participation.

To be truth, i think this chapter was the  most interseting for me from the bunch that we had already read. As you know this chapter cover several interesting topics and discuss people who participate in different groups.

First of all, chapter started pretty good from taking example of Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs. I totally agree that one of the main needs is Social recognition. In my opinion this is the main reason of why people participate in different types of social groups. In order to express their feelings,opinions people go to social sites, webblogs. They are sharing their opions and through this find new friends.

Author described many interesting thiughts about rules of participation,but, in my opinion participation and communication cannot be put in some line and rules. Ans as more big and different it is as better!

Types of communications

Well I can say that there are several types of communications, with friends, family and relatives, children and adults, communications with close people and not so close, etc. In my blog I would like to focus only in few types: communications with parents and communications with friends.

Communication between child and parents are very important, and plays a significant role in an upbringing of a child. As I can remember I always talked to my parents when I need an advice in my childhood. Now, I can say that me and my mommy are the best friends. Because I can talk everything to my mom, discuss any stuff I’d like to, share with my ideas and so on.

Also it’s very important to listen to your parents. I think that every person should find a “common language” to their parents. Sometimes you think that your parents don’t understand you, but at least they try to help you, and make your life better. So, show some respect to your parents and you will succeed to communicate to them.

Communications with friends is different from communication with parents. It’s very important to listen to the person you are talking with. At least when my friends do not listen to me, I can feel bad about it. Also I always try to send some cards to my friends on different occasions like birthday or other holidays. Even an electronic card will do. Another advice, always put yourself in your friend’s shoes. If you are asking yourself why they don’t communicate with you recently, don’t you think they can ask the same question! Go and call them first, make a date, have a dinner together or go to the cinema, share with ides and enjoy the communication!!!

“Good friends is a gift from God” – one of my friends says. If you have a good friend, do you best to take care of him.

Cannot live without Mobile phones

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Hey everyone!

Cannot remind the times when we lived without mobile phones. From the 8th grade when I got my first Sony Ericsson mobile phone i cannot live without live without it.

Different types of technological innovations were invented latest 10 years and majority of them are very useful. But, for the most important one is Mobuile phone. “If i lose my phone, my life will be over”- Frederich says. In my case this is not so dramatic but it is approximately the same. I like mobile phones, i like all the benefits that mobile phones provide us.

Hey everyone…Once again it’s me, trying to write my opinion about Networks and its impact on us.

Yes,networks around us…It is all those things that you require in your life. Mobile phones, satellite TV’s, radio and of course…computers and Internet itself.  We rely on them,cannot live without all these things. We communicate, educate and entertain ourselves through networks. We are part of them, you will ask why? Because years of existence made as dependent on networks. Because it is all about social and technical communication, it is that thing that make you personality.

But, unfortunately it has disadvantages. Networks became as a air…we do not see it,but we do realize that we need in it as in air to breath. It could be rather problematic…because too many people do not know the real line when the  love to telecommunication networks becoming obsession. Especially latest 10 years people forgot about humanity and kindness more rely on networks.

All these discussions lead to conclusion… Try to distinguish between telecommunication  networks (very important for education and science) and social networks(do not forget about real communication with real people,not machines.)

Good luck!!!